Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our second stop in Southeast Asia was Kuala Lumpur (KL as the locals like to call it). One of the traditional dishes that we tried here was Fish-Head Curry (above). I was afraid of it at first. It smelled good when it came out, but there was a large whole fish in the center of the pot - head on and all. Lucky for me I got over the first impression and tried it, because it was delicious. The fish was accompanied by spicy chilies and fried tofu in a perfect curry sauce - salty and full of flavor. I'm sure to an Asian seeing a whole fish is not a big deal (many Asian dishes involve whole fish) but to a Westerner who is used to all forms of meat looking like a block and not resembling the animal it was, the visual presentation was a little hard to get over. It is amazing to me how many things in our life we could miss by not trying the things that scare us or make us uncomfortable.

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