Monday, November 9, 2009

My Element

I just finished reading a book, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything It's about finding your personal passion, or your element.  I've been on a hunt for my element for many years.  After reading this book I realized that I'd already found it years ago, but I've been trying to get away from it for some reason.  My element is food.  Hence the name change on this blog (it used to be A Food Affair).

I don't know why I tried to deny my passion for food.  I guess part of me wanted something sexier, more refined.  I wanted to be a painter or a novelist.  Chef just didn't seem to command respect in the same way.  There's no fighting it though - I keep coming back to food.  I am happiest in the kitchen.  I don't know if this passion was something I was born with or if it was developed over the years.  I see now that fighting it will only make me miserable.

Thus the re-birth of my food blog. I hope to have many new food adventures to share.  I hope you enjoy coming with me on this journey, as I re-connect with my passion for food.

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