Saturday, October 2, 2010

French Food Market

I've been touring through France and Spain for the last three weeks and have had some fantastic food experiences that I will definitely be writing about. The first one I want to share is French food markets. A friend and I started out in Strasbourg, near the border of Germany, and drove through the country, ending in Provence and the south. We were hoping to catch markets in a few cities but ended up only visiting two because they kept closing before we could get there.

Our second day in Strasbourg we were lucky enough to find a street market and the food was absolutely amazing - I wanted to eat everything I saw. The variety of vegetables was fantastic and together with bread, cheeses and sausages of all sorts, I was definitely ready to eat.


Robin said...

That looks amazing - I didn't realise you had been in Spain recently; which parts? I was in a food market in Cadiz just yesterday and without any exaggeration it was the most amazing market I've ever seen - Spain's oldest and huge and the fish! Oh my god the fish!

Lovely photos of the food!

Nova Walsh - said...

Thanks Robin! I was in Spain for about a week. We started out in Barcelona, then drove to Madrid and on to Granada and Malaga. It was a fantastic trip and I really enjoyed it - you're right, the markets are absolutely amazing! I plan on posting shortly about the markets in Spain.

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing your travel experience. Winston Churchill even said about France : "A country producing almost 360 different types of cheese cannot die."

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